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You are not Here by Accident

How to have Hope

Hope is the expectation or belief that things will be better in the future. In Christ the future and indeed the present is bright indeed. Now the problem is what is called sin and this sin is what removes us from hope and that bright future. Sin is basically anything that breaks relationship, most specifically with God. According to Scripture everyone has sinned and has broken that relationship. We each one have removed ourselves from a perfect relationship with God. This is where we lost our hope. To have hope we must return to that relationship. The problem is WE can't. This is why Jesus died on the cross. He died to repair our relationship with Him and God. How do we accept His gift?

1) recognize and accept that we removed ourselves from the relationship and that we are unable to fix it.
2) believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to repair our relationship.
3) accept His gift of forgiveness.
4) tell someone what you have done.
I recommend that you find and attend a Bible believing church, to grow in your relationship with God.



I am a person who was raised going to church, hearing God's word from the time I can remember and before. Intellectually I always knew there was God and but one God. I knew all the Bible stories having been taught them over and over again by the faithful servants of God in my childhood church. It was all right there in my head.
When I was 12 years old lying in bed one night thinking over all the things of God I had been taught, God opened my heart to the realization that it was all facts in my head not Jesus in my heart. I, at that moment, became aware that good deeds would not be enough. All the teachings I had ever had about making Jesus Savior and Lord of my life became clear and real to me personally. I asked Him to be Savior and Lord of my life that night. The next Sunday I followed up with a public profession of faith in Jesus and followed Him in baptism.
I have, however imperfectly, lived in that faith the rest of my life. Jesus has seen me through the good and bad of life.

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